Driftwood Press Graphic Novels

Submission Page

​Over the past five years, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing you a quarterly magazine featuring some of the best poetry, fiction, and visual arts on the web. As we transitioned to the new, biannual release schedule, we branched out in the form of contests, an editing service, and chapbook publications; now, we’re proud to announce open submissions for graphic novel manuscripts, which will burgeon our ever-growing catalog.

Some of our favorite graphic artists are Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez, Joe Sacco, Brecht Evens, Taiyo Matsumoto, Anders Nilsen, Jillian Tamaki, Olivier Schrauwen, Eleanor Davis, Gipi, Simon Hanselmann, Michael DeForge, David Lapham, and Inio Asano. Please do not send us superhero narratives or scripts without an artist attached.

What to Submit

  • You may submit either a full or partial manuscript. We prefer to see the full manuscript.

  • Please do not send us scripts. Please note: we do not match up artists with storytellers or vice-versa.

If a few months have passed since submission, feel free to email us for an update.


Flat Payment

Dependent on comic page count (not including accompanying interview). Paid out upon contract signing.

  • 40-70 pages: $200 flat payout

  • 71-100 pages: $300 flat payout

  • 101-150 pages: $400 flat payout

  • 151-180 pages: $500 flat payout

  • 181+ pages: $600 flat payout


Royalties begin following the first 75 copies sold.

  • 20% royalties for the first 1,000 copies

  • 25% royalties for all sales above 1,000 copies

Author Copies

  • Author will be supplied twenty paperback copies. If the book gets a hardcover edition (contingent on sales), author will receive ten copies of the hardcover.

  • Author may purchase additional copies at a 30% discount. Royalties not payable to author copies.