Driftwood Press Novella Series

Submission Page

What We're Looking For...

  • We strongly recommend reading a few of our issues to get a sense of the fiction we publish; the same senior editors who read the short fiction will read for the novellas.

  • If you do not thoroughly consider the craft, sentences, and rhythm when you write, you are probably not a good fit for us.

  • We have no content preferences, but an interesting premise never hurts. 


  • Novella submissions are currently open. 

  • Novella submissions typically take six months. Feel free to reach out to us if you've been in consideration for longer.

  • If your work is selected, our editors will work with you to polish the work as much as possible for publication.




  • Fiction only.

  • 10,000-30,000 words recommended. We’ll consider works slightly outside of these parameters, but don’t push them too much. 40,000 words, for instance, is a novel, not a novella.

  • A standard, 12-point font and single-spacing is preferred. 

  • Excerpts of the novella may have been published individually, but never more than 50% of the novella.

  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know immediately if the work has been accepted elsewhere.

  • Submit works written in English only, no translations.

  • Please submit your manuscript in a .doc, .docx, or PDF format.

  • Base submission cost is $20. Additionally, we are offering a $30 dollar submission option that will include a print copy of our first novella. We will ship to the address provided on your submittable account



  • Any novella writer selected for publication will receive $1,000 dollars and 10 copies of their novella, both granted upon publication.

  • A print run of the winning novella will be sold on our website, through affiliate bookstores, and will be nationally and internationally distributed by Ingram. 

  • The winner will also have the opportunity to be interviewed about their work; the interview will be published in the novella following the story.

  • After the first 200 copies are sold, the writer gets 10% royalties. Copies bought by or awarded to the writer do not count toward the number of copies sold.

Due to a generous $600 donation from Sarah "Hollis Queen" Evans, the $400 award has been increased to $1,000. This donation was made in memory of Douglas "Dougie" Terre of Christchurch, UK. "He never put pen to paper, but he had a writer's soul that ran between Vice and Virtue and preached 'Everything in Moderation' between ciggies and bottles of red." Driftwood would like to thank both Sarah and Douglas for this kind donation. This award increase applies to all submissions in consideration.